Is a Deadly Surge of the Delta Variant Headed for the U.S.?

June 15, 2021 showsinsights 0

The so-called Delta variant of the coronavirus, which was first detected in India and may carry double the risk of hospitalization compared to the Alpha—or U.K. strain—can cause unusual symptoms. Some people have reported hearing loss. Others, severe gastric distress. One Mumbai cardiologist reportedly treated two COVID-19 patients with blood clots so severe they required amputations of fingers or feet.

The Doctor Who Eliminated Smallpox Says COVID-19 Is Here to Stay

June 13, 2021 showsinsights 0

I n some pockets of the United States, if you squint hard enough, the coronavirus pandemic might feel like it’s almost over. Larry Brilliant would beg to disagree. With U.S. COVID-19 deaths soon to surpass the domestic toll from the great influenza of a century ago even as widely available vaccines have worked wonders, Brilliant, the epidemiologist who worked with the WHO to help eradicate smallpox and was the science adviser for the eerily prescient film Contagion, thinks there’s still plenty left to worry about—but also lots of good news to appreciate.

Biden Just Sabotaged His Own Vaccine Plan

June 12, 2021 showsinsights 0

Given the urgency to reach 70 percent vaccination in America by President Joe Biden’s July 4 deadline and the rapid decline in the number of new people getting shots, it is time to shift our strategy and move to plan B: for Bosses.

World’s First COVID Epicenter Kicks Off Euro 2020 Mega-Party

June 11, 2021 showsinsights 0

ROME—On a balmy Friday afternoon at Rome’s Olympic stadium, 16,000 loosely masked fans lined up under an ancient obelisk that still has Mussolini’s name inscribed on it. They held smartphones showing their tickets to the UEFA European Football Championship, still named Euro 2020 as a sort of macabre memorial to last year’s tournament, which was lost to the pandemic.