New York City Has a Shiny New Attraction

June 13, 2021 showsinsights 0

T hings are looking up for New York City. A summer of post-vaccine fun is in full swing, people are returning to the city, it just got a brand new park, and now one of its most iconic cultural attractions has a brand new hall devoted to all things sparkly.

Jury Puts a Price on Eggs and Embryos Lost in Clinic Meltdown

June 11, 2021 showsinsights 0

On the morning of March 11, 2018, five fertility center clients received an email alerting them to an “unfortunate incident” at their San Francisco clinic. A malfunction in the tank storing thousands of eggs and embryos had caused a temporary loss in liquid nitrogen, exposing them to unsafely high temperatures. The tissue they had harvested and stored in hopes of a future pregnancy might have been permanently destroyed.

The Pandemic Hit and Suddenly I Couldn’t Read a Damn Thing

June 11, 2021 showsinsights 0

Recently I confessed to an online audience that for the first eight months of the pandemic, I hadn’t finished a book. Not one. Immediately, people chimed in to say that they too had been finding it difficult to read. And yet, I kept seeing headlines in my newsfeed that reading was up, book sales were up. Were people buying books and not reading them? I know I was. Were people reading more, but not actually finishing books? Or was I doing something wrong with my quarantine? I mean, I also don’t have any new crafting hobbies.

Black Teens Tased, Kneed by Cops for Boardwalk Vaping: ‘Glad We Made It Out Alive’

June 11, 2021 showsinsights 0

It was supposed to be a weekend trip to celebrate high school graduation, but it turned into something far more traumatic. A group of eight teens from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who’d traveled three hours to the beachfront town of Ocean City, Maryland, were walking on the boardwalk Saturday evening when police approached them about the local vaping ordinance one of them was allegedly violating.

‘Kevin Can F** k Himself,’ ‘WandaVision,’ and the Rise of the Ultra-Meta Sitcom

June 11, 2021 showsinsights 0

K evins of the world, watch your backs. On Sunday, AMC will debut its genre-bending, deeply meta series Kevin Can F**k Himself, in which Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy plays an exhausted woman named Allison whose boorish, inconsiderate husband has driven her to the edge. The series derives its title from Kevin Can Wait—which abruptly killed off leading lady Erinn Hayes after one season to reunite Kevin Smith with his King of Queens flame Leah Remini instead. And things only get more meta from there.