Pride Is Tired. Here’s How it Can Come Alive Again.

For those who’ve been out and proud, current efforts around June have felt either redundant or problematic. It’s high time we reclaim this month for what it should be. This year, it finally happened. I’ve finally become one of those gays who now go, “Oh, it’s Pride month.”

Being out and proud for half of my life, I’ve begun to feel the same way about June as I do now every February during Black History Month.

Here come to the over-the-top performative gestures from corporations who now claim allyship when they barely exhibit such any other time of the year—and who, as the writer Judd Legum revealed Monday, fund anti-LGBTQ candidates to the tune of thousands of dollars. Here come the themed panel discussions, branded merchandise, and cringy history fun facts on social media pages.